What are Your Travel New Year’s Resolutions?

2016 was a fantastic and unique travel year for us. The year was filled with sunny, tropical and Spanish speaking destinations -thing that I truly loved- We began 2016 visiting our paradise Tulum where we received the gift of yoga. A couple of months after that I was able to scape for a quick getaway to my hometown Mexico City where I got to eat my weight in my favorite dishes, few weeks after my return home we took off again, this time the two of us. 2016 allowed me to finally see Miami’s south beach where hubby got to […]

How to Pack Christmas with You?

We are getting ready to spend the holidays in Mexico, this means packing Christmas presents on top of our regular needs. For all of you who are on the same situation or are considering eventually spending Christmas time away from home, here are some tips I found really helpful for when packing. 1- Use gift bags and tissue paper – gift bags and tissue paper do not take a lot of space in your suitcase. All of these items can go all flat and it will only take you a couple of minutes to have all of your presents ready and underneath the Christmas tree. […]

Can We Meet the Love of our Lives Abroad?

The answer to that question is Yes! My real journey started right out of college when I decided to be part of a cultural exchange program and moved to the US. I was not in my teens anymore and during my first year living abroad I met my partner in life. Sometimes living abroad can bring you more than new scenarios, a foreign language and distinct dishes. While living abroad we could not only make friends for life but we could also find the love of our lives. But what’s the key for that? What do we need to do […]

My top 5 Gift Picks for This Season

It is once more that time of the year and for all of you who have no clue of what to give this season or for all of you who are looking for new, cute, different ideas. Here are my top 5 gift picks : 1- Headwear – These head pieces from Mandy Tangerine are simply perfect for a casual modern look, chic for those days of “not feeling like doing your hair” or even for a date night out. Whoever receives one of Mandy’s designs will be thrilled. Good luck picking just one, because all her designs are super […]

108 Sun Salutations Challenge

Hubby and I started our thanksgiving day very differently this year. We were very fortunate to join a 108 sun salutations challenge hosted by Richard at the small donation based yoga studio at Carioca Bowls located in Portland OR. Starting such a meaningful day with the energy that sun salutations could bring into the body, surrounded by a group of magical people, it was without a doubt the best way to start our day. But what are sun salutations? And why 108? The Sun Salutations or Surya Namaskar is a series of 12 postures. These flow movements are connected and coordinated with the breath. Sun Salutations […]

The Moon in Our Lives – Waning Gibbous Face

It is well known that many cultures around the world if not all of them embrace very interesting myths about the moon. You name it; Mayans, Aztecs, Greeks, Egyptians, Hindus, the list of lunar deities is just huge. Just like them, we could use the energy of the phases of the moon on our behalf. The last couple of nights we experienced a full moon, it was also a super moon (the closest in 70 years). Many people talked about how to use the energy of a full moon to make it work towards us in a positive way. But […]

“Exploring San Francisco? Leave a Green Footprint”

San Francisco was the perfect destination for my sister and I to catch up after a couple of months of not seeing each other, it was also a great start to our long weekend getaway. We stayed at HI San Francisco downtown and truly I don’t think we could of have chosen a better place to stay. I was very impressed by the looks of this hostel, probably one of the most beautiful hostels I have ever seen. Located right in the heart of downtown, the hostel offers very fresh and modern décor. The rooms offered are private or dorm […]

Energy Vortexes – Do you believe?

Recently hubby had an amazing experience and I felt like I needed to share it with you all. A couple 0f weeks ago the opportunity of being part of an spiritual retreat was presented to him. After a few days of going back and forward with the idea, he took off to Sedona Arizona where plenty of amazing people were waiting to intertwine their paths. Aside of sharing a beautiful house with other three guys whom soon after went from strangers to brothers, he got to meet The Vortex Jumper from Sedona Arizona. In case you guys are not familiar with the “Vortex […]

3 Tips to Successfully Survive Your First Hot Yoga Experience

If you have read my posts before then you already know that I am pretty new to the yoga lifestyle. I am going to tell you the truth; for the longest time I didn’t like yoga; I found it very slow and even considered it pointless. Last February on our latest trip to Tulum Mexico was when everything changed (Refer to “Yoga in Tulum” to read everything about it) maybe like one of my new yoga instructors said : “I wasn’t ready for it until that practice in Tulum “. I joined Bikram Yoga Hazel Dell in Vancouver WA last August. This is a great small […]

Why I don’t believe in traveling “Solo”

The first reason why I don’t believe in traveling “solo” is because simply I don’t believe that the term “solo” exists. We can never be solo because we have our own selves and when you love yourself the right way you are never alone. This is a lesson I was taught when I was a little kid and I have grown truly believing in that. The second reason why I don’t believe in traveling “solo” is that the world is full of wonderful creatures. Therefore we cannot say that we are ever going through our adventures alone. When you are open minded and you see the world and life with […]