Touring the Third Wave Coffee Scene in Mexico City

It is clear and simple; pretty much we all drink coffee. Fragrant, elegant, tasty; coffee is simply a worldwide beverage that spurs conversation, helps us to socialize, unify us and even has the power of transforming our personal world. Can you imagine how many friendships, relationships and new adventures began around a good cup of coffee?
After all these said I honestly don’t think I need to explain much further the reason why I decided to tour the coffee scene, especially the third wave during my most recent visit to my hometown Mexico City.
With so little time and to my surprise so many coffee shops embracing this movement, I had to base my choice of places to visit according to distance and hours of operation. Mexico City is one of the biggest cities in the world so believe me when I tell you those two factors matter a lot!
My sister and I started drinking our morning away at around 10AM making Borola our first stop. Located on Jalapa St. #181 Roma Norte this small and cozy place is one of the newest additions to the Borola group. The atmosphere and big front windows are very welcoming. Borola serves single origin Mexican coffee beans and you can choose any of the third wave brewing methods for your cup of coffee. We went for the Chemex with beans from Oaxaca,Mex. Delicious!
Second stop was Cardinal, located at Córdoba St. #132 Roma Norte the name of this place makes references to the cardinal points and the world. You will see globes serving as decorations all over the place; a touch I really enjoyed.
Taking the advice from one of their baristas we selected the Chemex method once more. Cardinal serves single origin beans from Guerrero Mex. Coffee was tasty and the staff is very well educated about the whole third wave coffee movement.
Café de raíz made it to our list as our third stop. I was very excited about stopping here since just like its name says it, this little place located at Mérida St #132 Roma Norte truly goes back to the Mexican coffee roots. They offer Cafe de Talega; one of the oldest brewing methods to extract this precious liquid. If you are hungry their menu is based on Mexican dishes, featuring delicious tamales. I highly recommend this place.
Last but not least Forever Vegano came into our plan as a last minute addition. After three cups of hot coffee and with few minutes to spare we decided to try their cold brew. Forever is located only few steps away from Cafe de Raiz . They offer single origin beans from Veracruz, Mex. and all vegan food.
The third wave of coffee movement it is definitely in full swing around the world.
These four little spaces are great options to get familiar with the movement, learn and enjoy it. This movement has as a main goal to produce high quality coffee considering the process of brewing it as an artisan foodstuff just like wine and other beverages can be. Simply the way coffee should always be seen!

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