Live and Make Yoga a Part of You at SWAN Yoga Retreat in India

Yoga was the gift I received in early 2016 for my birthday, but it wasn’t until that summer that I started a more consistent practice. The idea of visiting India and participating in a Yoga retreat also got planted in my head around this time.

India was not on the list of countries that hubby and I made few years back. We made a list with a compromise to visit and give priority to specific countries over others.
Synchronicity played a big part in India making an appearance on our list. I believe in synchronicities, we both do. People, situations and in this case even destinations getting in and out of our lives for a reason. India and especially SWAN Yoga retreat in Assagao Goa were some of those synchronicities.

To take our bodies to where our minds have been, has been a priority always in our lives. So we took ourselves to India, most importantly we took ourselves to Goa, home of SWAN.

Living at SWAN was more than; 6am meditation practices, asanas at a beautiful Shala and fabulous Ayurvedic food. Living at SWAN was even more than; sacred fire rituals and mantra chantings. What we found at SWAN was a peaceful and spiritual place that felt like home since day one. We found people who felt like forever friends and most importantly we found the true meaning of yoga.

Yoga means: “to join”, “to unite”. The Union of the body and mind; the union of our lower self with our higher self. The union of us as individuals with the universe, having as an ultimate goal to achieve “Moksha” which it means liberation. Liberation and freedom from ignorance, self realization and self knowledge,allowing us to find who we are while looking for the real reality.

Every soul in this world is potentially divine and without a doubt that is the message every single one of the teachers at SWAN promulgate.

Living for a week at SWAN was more than what I ever expected. We joined with no expectations and we brought back home with us a mind full of lessons,a heart filled with even more love and the reassurance that all of our co travelers on this path are out there and no doubt we will all gravitate towards each other again.

It has been a couple of weeks now since we got back from SWAN and sinthen it hasn’t been one single day that I don’t think about all of what I learned while living in Goa. I even seem to hear SWAN teacher’s voices every now and then.

It is time now to keep living everyday looking into replacing old patterns with new and most importantly appropriate ones. It is time to keep living with consistency and with the goal of taking all actions with awareness. Most importantly it is time to keep living just as before always with love because love always wins.

Whether you have or haven’t started your path, SWAN is the perfect place for anyone to start or continue, rejuvenate or reconnect that journey.

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