Budgeting and Saving During Your Travels?

Recently I have been asked quite often about the way I budget my travels and what I do to save while traveling.
I will start by saying that each region of the world is different; a budget for an adventure around Europe spends quicker than when traveling throughout Central and South America.
Regardless, my trick is to always keep the same budget.  So far it has always worked out great and when the currency conversion is more in our favor we will even come back home with extra money.

I have found that if we budget our days to $40 USD per person, $80 USD for the both of us (Hubby and myself).This number usually covers food for the day, any type of public transportation needed, entry fees to a site we want to visit and even a little treat, souvenir or trinket.

Now you may be wondering how to make $80 last for everything, here is how:

1- Always pick a hostel/hotel that includes breakfast. This takes away the first expense of the day and starting the day with a full belly is a big plus.

2- Supporting small business. We always look for local small businesses. What I sometimes like to call “gems”. This is a great way to discover the real flavors of any place. We don’t care about high-end restaurants much. The best dishes I have ever had while traveling have always been at local markets, small locations (where majority of the locals eat) and sometimes street food vendors. Other tips that help us to save money is we don’t really spend much money on alcohol. Yes we do like to enjoy a drink or two, but alcohol is expensive, we all know this, plus there is no0 need to spend money to get waisted either. Drinking alcohol is definitely not big for us.

3- We are serious about walking. I am not going to lie, on our most recent adventure hubby and I walked 12+ miles in one day while exploring Mumbai.
Walking keeps us in good shape while traveling (something well needed since we tend to eat a lot while traveling) and also helps us to discover those little secret gems every town has.
Walking definitely allows you to feel the real vibes of the town you are visiting, and last but not least it gives you the opportunity to mingle with the locals, this is definitely one of the things I love the most about traveling.

4- Consider using public transportation before hiring an expensive ride. If you cannot walk or if simply distances are outrageous, opt for public transportation.
Hubby and I have never had any trouble finding our way through any subway system or bus line around the world and we have seen quite a bit of them.

5- Entry fee saving. Big tip here, always check the website of the site you want to visit. You will be surprised by how many museums and sites around the world offer discounted prices or do not charge any fees during specific times and days of the week or month. Plan accordingly! We were able to visit all of Athens historical sites without paying any entrance fees.  The same has happened to us in countries like Spain and Mexico.

It is truly not hard to keep yourself within a budget while traveling. Hubby and I have never had any issues, and we never deprive ourselves of anything either.

Try it next time, and most important have fun venturing around the world!

Share your budget saving tips with us in the comments below!

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