What Are Your Travel Charms?

I believe we all have our own little rituals, an ornament or perhaps a small object to help protect us from danger or harm.

For me it is as simple as having an Himalayan Pink Salt lamp in the house to emit the negative ions needed into the air to have a more balanced and fresh environment. I also like to light up some copal (tree resin, incense) in the house,  because it is said to be good for spiritual cleansing and mostly because it brings me comfort as well as great memories from our wedding ceremony where we used copal Incense nearly four years ago.

But what about when traveling?

My ritual then becomes as rigorous as always pat the plane before boarding it. I have patted many planes by now.

A couple years ago I also started collecting small little things along my journeys. I still have a folded dollar bill that I have had in my pocket the night I met my now hubby and a blue eye bracelet from Turkey that I wore until it broke.

A bit over a year ago a moonstone bracelet came my way and soon after I found out that moonstone is the travelers’ stone. People who know about rocks will say that moonstone among other virtues has a virtue of being great for over the water travels and is also considered a talisman of good luck.

These days I also wear an amethyst pendant (hubby’s gift) which aside of being my birth stone, I read it is a good stone for travelers as well.

Finally my newest, and sure not the last charm, a gift from a very good friend just recently. An angel of travel, I now carry it on my passport case.

Gems, coins, drawings, photographs, seeds, even an specific piece of clothing can be a potential amulet. What I am trying to say is that at the end it does not matter if you choose to have a charm that is well know for its purpose (like the stones I mentioned above) or you choose to carry a photograph of your dog with you for good luck. The most important part of carrying something to attract positive things are always our intentions and vibrations. Never forget that positive brings positive and so on.

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