How to survive one of the longest flights in the world? Here are my 5 tips!

Hubby and I will soon be taking one of the longest flights in the world.
San Francisco – Singapore through Singapore airlines is recorded as the 4th longest passenger flight by great circle distance.

The great circle distance is the shortest path between two points. Since the Earth is a sphere, a straight line is not always the shortest distance. Ships and aircrafts usually follow the great circle geometry to minimize the distance.

Our adventure will start at our base airport-PDX with a stop in San Francisco, to continue all the way to LA where we will be boarding Singapore Airlines, which has calculated a 20 hours and 5 minutes flight. Crazy right?

So here are my suggestions on how to survive one of the world’s longest flights :

1.- Hydrate – drinking plenty of water is very important, 50-65% of our body is water. Sitting for long periods of time without drinking enough water is not a great idea. Since this flight is so long let’s set the normal daily goal of 11 cups of water. Definitely not impossible to achieve.


2.- Move – the plane may not be the easiest place to meet your daily step count but let’s try to at least move around the cabin. Planning on standing up and walking around the plane every two hours should help your circulation. Moving will help us avoid boredom and it may also be a great opportunity to make new friends. So let’s move and not be shy!

3.- Sleep- to be honest this is my least favorite thing to do in a plane. I have managed 13+ hours in a plane without going to dreamland, but dedicating at least a couple of hours to recharge our bodies will be a smart thing to do. Let’s plan on visiting Morpheus “The primordial Greek god of dreams” during this long flight.

4.- Read- I truly enjoy reading but I also go through phases where I will read like crazy (a book per week) or I will have a pile of books waiting for me to open and I will choose one to carry around with me hoping it will get read just by accompanying me.
Flights are the perfect excuse for us to read. My plan is to finish “The guest” a thriller I have been carrying around for a while.


5.- Watch a movie – It would make me a complete liar if I say that I don’t watch movies in a plane. I see my flight as a good opportunity to find an old film that I missed or simply want to watch again. Try to avoid too many hours of screen time, there are definitely better things to do. (Like all of the ones I mentioned above).

On my to do list is writing, I am sure I can write a couple of great posts to share with you while up in the air. Last but not least on my to do list is to play a game with hubby; cards, hangman or sudoku are some of our regular games while flying.

Next time you are taking a flight long or short take in consideration these points and I am sure that you will feel physically and mentally refreshed. Plus these tips will help distract you along the way to your destination, it always does for me.

Enjoy your flight!

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