A Date, Half a Block Away From Heaven!

To say goodbye to 2016 hubby and I spent a week driving around and exploring Chiapas.


After visiting many natural wonders of the state (The Sumidero Canyon, lakes and several waterfalls), wondering through the streets of some of the most beautiful little towns (San Cristobal de las Casas, Comitan, and San Juan Chamula among others), tasting local dishes and shopping for handcrafted artesanies. We decided to say good bye to Chiapas with a trip to Soconusco, simply ” Half a block away from heaven.”



But have you ever thought about having a date at a coffee farm, on top of a mountain?
We are both more than coffee lovers and Chiapas has some of the world’s tastiest coffee. The International Coffee Organization (ICO) named the coffee production in Mexico the 9th largest in the world. Also and according to various articles Mexico is the largest producer of organic coffee in the world.



Every cup of coffee tells a story and we decided to discover the story served at Finca Hamburgo in Soconusco Chiapas. This is what we found:

Located two hours away from Tapachula, Chiapas. Hamburgo is a 129 year old coffee plantation with its own coffee museum, an awarded restaurant that features local dishes with a German influence, a hotel boutique and spa.




Round trip transportation can be arranged from Tapachula and I am sure from some closer destinations as well.
A date at Finca Hamburgo can start by:

Choosing between option 1, a day trip; which allows a couple of hours to enjoy the farm, take a tour throughout their facilities, taste some of the regional or international dishes that are offered at their restaurant and sip some of their locally cultivated and roasted coffee. Their coffee bar offers different brewing methods like siphon, pour overs, and aeropress.

Option 2, making it an overnight date by becoming one of their guests and booking one of their rooms ahead of time.
Hubby and I opted for the second choice, giving ourselves a much needed quiet evening after our previous busy days in Chiapas.




Pros and cons came with staying there. Service was slow and a bit messy. Bertha the general manager assured us that it was due to the lack of staff working during the high season. We decided to give them the benefit of the doubt, in the end we were together and “half a block away from heaven.” You will know why I keep saying this when you find yourself there among the clouds.

We made the best out of our time and chose to stroll around the coffee plantation when we saw a lot of people waiting to be served at the restaurant. Opted to wonder deeper and talk to the workers while at the processing area instead of hanging out with a large group of visitors. Also enjoyed their deserted swimming pool, which is only to be used while at the spa or by overnight guests.


The best part of staying there were the views from atop the mountain. Coffee plants, orchids and other floral trees can be seen all throughout the farm. Beautiful birds can be seen as well, like Blue Magpies, and Ospreys.
Sitting in a rocking chair on the porch in front of our room, looking at the stars, hearing the bats fly and night dreaming was truly the perfect date and the best way to end our time in Chiapas.


I never thought that a coffee farm would be the perfect scenario for a date. I also never thought that a coffee plantation could provide the peace that we found at Finca Hamburgo.
Without a doubt we discovered that sometimes the best memories can be made not only around a good cup of coffee but while surrounded by coffee trees.


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