Tips for a Successful Drynuary

It is the first week of 2017 and just like many of you I have chosen to go without drinking for all of January as a way to detox from the excess of the holidays. 
I don’t drink much but with the holidays just behind us and coming back from Mexico where I love to treat myself to the best tequila, tasty mezcal and delicious food. I decided to have a “Drynuary” and share some tips that will help through out the month to achieve the goal.


1.- Team work – things are easier when you work as a team. Asking family, friends or roomies to join for a drynuary will definitely make things easier. 
Hubby and I are taking this challenge with some of our best friends, this way our weekly get together and happy hours won’t involve any type of alcohol!
Cheers to friends and solidarity!

2.-Keep aguas frescas in the fridge – Agua Fresca is Spanish for fresh water. These are non alcoholic beverages made out of combination of fruits, cereals or flowers and served through out all of Mexico and other Hispanic countries.
My favorites are; Horchata, Jamaica, Hibiscus and cucumber water with lime and chia seeds. 
These three types of Agua Fresca are very easy to make and have great properties, like helping reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol. Chia seeds are known for their high protein and fiber content.
Having these tasty beverages handy as an alternative instead of alcohol beverages will help you through out drynuary.

3.-Healthier all the way – we are starting the new year with the right foot and since we are getting rid of alcohol let’s also make healthier meal choices.
In our case we will be doing rice bowls for dinner and protein shakes for lunches or snacks. I found some awesome and flavorful recipes like a Cuban style bowl, which includes plantains, beans, cilantro, guac and in our case vegetarian pork.

4.- Find new eateries– choosing to eat at home or at places where alcohol is not the main subject will help. Let’s take a break from our favorite brewery or winery and let’s take this opportunity to discover new options where to eat or hang out. We may find a new favorite spot.

5.- Let’s keep busy – if we don’t have much down time we won’t have time for a drink. Let’s go back to the gym or the yoga studio. Let’s hit the trails for a run or a hike. Let’s find a new hobby or learn something new. Possibilities are endless.

With these tips I wish you nothing but success. Let’s all have a great “Drynuary”, we only have four more weeks to go!


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