Energy Vortexes – Do you believe?

Recently hubby had an amazing experience and I felt like I needed to share it with you all. A couple 0f weeks ago the opportunity of being part of an spiritual retreat was presented to him. After a few days of going back and forward with the idea, he took off to Sedona Arizona where plenty of amazing people were waiting to intertwine their paths.


Aside of sharing a beautiful house with other three guys whom soon after went from strangers to brothers, he got to meet The Vortex Jumper from Sedona Arizona.


In case you guys are not familiar with the “Vortex concept” I will share a little bit about the subject with you. Vortexes are powerful and transformational energy centers and are reported to promote a sense a well-being to those that are in tune with its energies. I believe in energy, positive brings positive and so on, and I truly believe in the existence of these vortexes all around the world. My favorite place in this entire planet is even a part of this concept, another great reason to love Tulum. I have never been to Sedona, but I feel related to all of those who have been there looking and believing in the energy of the place since I have personally felt something similar while in Tulum.

Whether or not you believe that energy vortexes exist, there is for sure something about Sedona that has made people travel there for more than just its beautiful scenario.

The Vortex Jumper is probably the most famous resident of Sedona. Hubby and some other people who were part of the retreat came across Peter Gersten “The Vortex Jumper” and knew that the best way to experience the hike to Bell Rock needed to be with him.



Peter has an holographic reality program. I don’t think he knows what exactly will happen but he believes that he needs to take 2,222 people to the top of Bell Rock by 22:22 on the winter solstice on 12-21-2018 in order to reach his holographic program. He is very serious and adamant to his plan, even his house in front of Bell Rock is listed in and open free to travelers as long as they agree on climbing with him on their first morning in Sedona.


I personally don’t know if something will or will not happen in Sedona during the winter solstice of 2018, so many prophecies and beliefs are out there. What I believe in is in the power of our desires and our minds. Peter is for sure an example of that, since he is doing everything to achieve the reality that he believes in. We all have the power to do so, to create the reality that we want. There is no big or small, silly or smart plan, it is only our own plan, our reality, and we all should be as passionate about creating that reality as he is about creating his.




If you have a trip planned to Arizona or nearby anytime soon look for Peter “The Vortex Jumper” on Facebook, or email him at and help him to reach his number. You will have the best guide to Bell Rock in town at no cost, a great story to share after you get to meet him and you will have the chance of helping him to reach his plan.

After all shouldn’t we all be helping each other to make sure that our experience in this life is only the best one possible?




3 thoughts on “Energy Vortexes – Do you believe?

  1. Gratitude for the kind words. Loved the commentary. It is an honor to have Matthew in the Top of Bell Rock Club (TBRC) The pleasure was mutually shared. When will you be joining? 🙂

    1. Peter, thank you so much for your comment, I really wish you all the best! I am looking forward to being there soon enough to be part of your big number! Love and light always!

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