Our first Airbnb experience, Puerto Vallarta!

We have booked through other vacation rental websites in the past but since Airbnb is becoming really popular we decided to give it a shot. While scrolling the different listings, we fall in love with Iturbide’s condo, a one bedroom apartment located two blocks away from the sea horse statue and right next to the Guadalupe Cathedral; simply one of the best locations if you are looking to experience downtown Puerto Vallarta. Iturbide is one out of six condos and is the only one of them listed on Airbnb. This modern space was built and is owned by Raul and […]

Touring the Third Wave Coffee Scene in Mexico City

It is clear and simple; pretty much we all drink coffee. Fragrant, elegant, tasty; coffee is simply a worldwide beverage that spurs conversation, helps us to socialize, unify us and even has the power of transforming our personal world. Can you imagine how many friendships, relationships and new adventures began around a good cup of coffee? After all these said I honestly don’t think I need to explain much further the reason why I decided to tour the coffee scene, especially the third wave during my most recent visit to my hometown Mexico City. With so little time and to […]

Live and Make Yoga a Part of You at SWAN Yoga Retreat in India

Yoga was the gift I received in early 2016 for my birthday, but it wasn’t until that summer that I started a more consistent practice. The idea of visiting India and participating in a Yoga retreat also got planted in my head around this time. India was not on the list of countries that hubby and I made few years back. We made a list with a compromise to visit and give priority to specific countries over others. Synchronicity played a big part in India making an appearance on our list. I believe in synchronicities, we both do. People, situations […]

Budgeting and Saving During Your Travels?

Recently I have been asked quite often about the way I budget my travels and what I do to save while traveling. I will start by saying that each region of the world is different; a budget for an adventure around Europe spends quicker than when traveling throughout Central and South America. Regardless, my trick is to always keep the same budget.  So far it has always worked out great and when the currency conversion is more in our favor we will even come back home with extra money. I have found that if we budget our days to $40 USD per […]

What Are Your Travel Charms?

I believe we all have our own little rituals, an ornament or perhaps a small object to help protect us from danger or harm. For me it is as simple as having an Himalayan Pink Salt lamp in the house to emit the negative ions needed into the air to have a more balanced and fresh environment. I also like to light up some copal (tree resin, incense) in the house,  because it is said to be good for spiritual cleansing and mostly because it brings me comfort as well as great memories from our wedding ceremony where we used […]

How to survive one of the longest flights in the world? Here are my 5 tips!

Hubby and I will soon be taking one of the longest flights in the world. San Francisco – Singapore through Singapore airlines is recorded as the 4th longest passenger flight by great circle distance. The great circle distance is the shortest path between two points. Since the Earth is a sphere, a straight line is not always the shortest distance. Ships and aircrafts usually follow the great circle geometry to minimize the distance. Our adventure will start at our base airport-PDX with a stop in San Francisco, to continue all the way to LA where we will be boarding Singapore […]

A Birthday Gift

Soon it will be one of my favorite times of the year “My birthday” . This year we will be celebrating with a little getaway to the Oregon coast accompanied by some of our best friends. Soon after hubby and I will start our next adventure around the world to Singapore and India. Yoga was the gift I received last year for my birthday during our little getaway to our paradise, Tulum. Before then I was not really a big fan of yoga. Silly me, or simply I wasn’t ready for it. I can tell you now that the gift of yoga […]

How do you Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Hubby and I love traditions. We have our special way of celebrating what he calls our first date but I referred to as just a get together. We have peculiar ways of celebrating our birthdays and fun ways of celebrating a couple of holidays as well. Valentine’s day is one of them. The first time we celebrated Valentine’s Day hubby made a delicious heart shaped pizza from scratch, we had wine and watched a movie at his place. Since then regardless of where we are this is the way we celebrate this special day. Every year we switch the ingredients, […]

A Date, Half a Block Away From Heaven!

To say goodbye to 2016 hubby and I spent a week driving around and exploring Chiapas. After visiting many natural wonders of the state (The Sumidero Canyon, lakes and several waterfalls), wondering through the streets of some of the most beautiful little towns (San Cristobal de las Casas, Comitan, and San Juan Chamula among others), tasting local dishes and shopping for handcrafted artesanies. We decided to say good bye to Chiapas with a trip to Soconusco, simply ” Half a block away from heaven.” But have you ever thought about having a date at a coffee farm, on top of a mountain? We are both […]

Tips for a Successful Drynuary

It is the first week of 2017 and just like many of you I have chosen to go without drinking for all of January as a way to detox from the excess of the holidays.  I don’t drink much but with the holidays just behind us and coming back from Mexico where I love to treat myself to the best tequila, tasty mezcal and delicious food. I decided to have a “Drynuary” and share some tips that will help through out the month to achieve the goal. 1.- Team work – things are easier when you work as a team. […]